An integRatEd framework for domiciliary healthcare SkillS development.

Work plan


To achieve the project objectives the Consortium will carry out a number of activities including:

  • a preliminary activity of context analysis in order to define skills and training provision needs for HHCP;
  • the design of an EU Framework for VET in the field of homecare and related guidelines for its proper use;
  • the design of specific pathways targeting 4 HHCPs in different countries;
  • the implementation of four pilots based on formal (presence and distance) learning and non-formal/informal learning;
  • the overall evaluation of the pilots and the EU framework;
  • the dissemination of project results among different stakeholders;
  • the exploitation of the results and the assurance for project sustainability.

Each activity has been structured in WorkPackages (WP) and Tasks, coordinated by different partners, covering all of the WP types envisaged by the Programme.

Each WP will produce a number of Deliverables, some of them considered MILESTONES since they represent important mid-term steps or important delivery points of the project.
The project envisages 6 main Milestones:

  • the delivery of the pilot version of the EU framework
  • the delivery of instructional design documents of national VET pathways targeting different HHCPs
  • the delivery of the overall evaluation report about pilots implementation
  • the delivery of the released version of the EU framework
  • the delivery of a final report on Virtual Communities of Practice
  • the publication of the final version of Website and Social Media Sites.