An integRatEd framework for domiciliary healthcare SkillS development.

E-learning materials

Each of the three national pilot courses implemented some e-learning modules.

In the design process, pilot coordinators identified some TRANSVERSAL COMPETENCES which could be targeted by the 3 pilot courses, since they could compensate specific skill gaps identified in each professional profile involved in the pilots (Social-Health operators, Registered Nurses and Practical nurses).



In order to target these TRANSVERSAL COMPETENCES 3 main e-learning Modules have been designed:

MODULE 1 - "WELFARE TECHNOLOGY AND ICTS FOR REMOTE HEALTH MONITORING AND REHABILITATION": this Module is aimed at introducing homecare professionals to the main issues of Welfare technology and ICTs for remote health monitoring and rehabilitation, supporting the bringing into use of these technologies both by professionals and by older adults and their families.

MODULE 2 - "TEAM WORKING, MULTI-SECTORAL AND MULTI-PROFESSIONAL APPROACH TO OLDER ADULTS’ NEEDS”: this Module is aimed at providing homecare professionals with basic competencies concerning: the communication with the patient; team working and professional group dynamics; a multi-professional approach to older adults’ needs assessment; local and territorial networks which older adults can rely on; multicultural issues in homecare.

MODULE 3 - " HOLISTIC AND REHABILITATION APPROACH: FRAILTY, MULTI-MORBIDITY, MULTI-PROFESSIONAL APPROACH TO OLDER ADULTS NEEDS ": this Module is aimed at providing homecare professionals with basic competencies concerning a proactive approach to ageing and an holistic approach to rehabilitation in older adults homecare; after a general definition of these approaches, the Module will focus on specific skills concerning the proactive approach to ageing, skills for enhancing quality care and specific geriatric nursing skills.



The above described Modules include three main types of materials:

  1. Interactive materials, for individual self-fruition (SCORM 1.2 compliant).
  2. Video-pills, focusing on specific skills/practices or the use of technologies.
  3. Materials supporting Collaborative Learning in Virtual Classrooms: lesson plans for teachers are provided as well as documents describing the activities to students (which could be edited by teachers in order to customize them); different learning strategies are implemented, such as role playing, case studies, etc.



Each material is distributed under the Common Creative License (CC-BY 2.0).

CARESS project should be always quoted together with the author of the material, even in case of partial reuse.

In case of any modification to the material, it could be reused only if a list of the modifications is published together with the material itself.



The materials are organized per modules.

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