An integRatEd framework for domiciliary healthcare SkillS development.

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CARESS will offer a clear picture of the main roles, competences and curricula of homecare professionals working both in health and social care at older adults’ own homes in different EU countries.

For the first time this information will be collected and systematized in an EU Framework available for free in a web-based platform, in order to support designers of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in the field of homecare to set up effective courses to address skills gaps.

CARESS Partners an now refining the final release of the EU Framework, which will include information on:

  • professionals actually involved in homecare, their role, skills and competencies in most of the EU countries;
  • needs and challenges in the homecare sector in most of the EU countries;
  • homecare professionals’ training needs in Italy, Spain and Finland and some other EU countries
  • existing curricula, VET and career pathways concerning home care professionals in Italy, Spain and Finland and some other EU countries.


If you want to CONTRIBUTE to the EU Framework about home care professionals before the final release (October 2018), you can do it becoming a SUPPORTING PARTNER! SUPPORTING PARTNERS are stakeholders who profess an interest in the project and willingness to get updates about its main progresses and results.
They will be able to contribute to the review and integrate information in the EU Framework, provide their experience and share their own perspectivesbased on their professional profile and/or country. In such a way the EU framework will be “alive” and built in a “bottom-up” approach, and will represent accurately the current situation of homecare in Europe.

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